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TCSA Advogados is a law firm specializing in real estate business law, composed of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences, but who share the principles of a modern business practice, founded on solid ethical values and professional independence.

TCSA is recognized by the market as an authority in real estate law, having been listed by the publication The Legal 500 as one of the leading real estate law practices in Brazil.

This recognition is the result of our commitment to creating and delivering to our clients reliable and innovative legal solutions, characterized by personal attention and custom-tailored service.

As a legal-services provider, we therefore consider our broad understanding of all aspects of the real estate business and of each client’s culture and individuality to be a fundamental factor in our efficient and effective work.

Beyond simply identifying problems or needs, TCSA Advogados is fundamentally committed to offering innovative solutions of the highest quality, within the shortest timeframe.

Ana Carolina Cavalcante

Universidade Paulista, Law School (LL.B., year)
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, COGEAE (Specialization in Contract Law, year)
Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Tributários (Specialist in Tax Law, year)
Escola Paulista de Direito (Specialization in Real Estate Notarial and Registry Law, year)

Practice Areas
Real Estate, Structured Transactions, Corporate Law, Capital Markets, and Tax Law.

Ana Carolina Cavalcante has over ten years of experience advising clients in the real estate market. She has led complex corporate transactions as part of large real estate projects including residential, commercial, and other real estate ventures such as shopping centers and hotel complexes.
In addition, she has expertise in real estate operations involving the issuance of securities in the capital market, as well as in establishing real estate investment funds and working with the Brazilian Securities Commission.
With the experience gained throughout her professional career, Ana Carolina Cavalcante brings the necessary tools to confidently deal with different types of contracts used in the real estate market, from the acquisition of development property to fundraising for its development.

Languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English.

Tarso Romani


Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Law School (LL.B., year)
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Specialization in Administrative Law, year)
Universidade Corporativa SECOVI de São Paulo (Specialization in Real Estate Law, year)
Insper – Ibmec São Paulo (LL.M. in Corporate Law, year)

Tarso Romani has worked with clients in the real estate market since 2007, focusing on the transfer of real estate assets for real estate developments.
In this capacity, he works with real estate developers as well as market investors and land owners.
In addition, he has experience in complex corporate transactions and contract negotiations involving joint ventures and consortia for the real estate market.
A personable approach and keen negotiation skills are the hallmarks of Tarso Romani’s style as a lawyer.

Practice Areas

Languages: Portuguese, English, and French.

Aloísio Santini

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Law School (LL.B., year)
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, COGEAE (Specialization in Civil Procedure Law, year)
Fundação Instituto de Administração (MBA in Real Estate Business, year)

Aloísio Santini Pedro has extensive experience with cases involving real estate registry law, focusing on the registration of real estate developments, condominiums, sub-condominiums, and land parceling. He also focuses on administrative and judicial real estate regularization and area rectification procedures, as well as environmental and real estate due diligence procedures.
In addition, he actively oversees administrative processes for obtaining the permits and licenses pertinent to the implementation of real estate developments and land parceling, working directly with the pertinent public authorities.
Aloísio Santini Pedro is also responsible for TCSA Advogados’s real estate litigation practice area, which includes legal disputes such as eviction, lease renewal, lease revision, land division, injunction against third-party construction, and repossession claims.
In his professional work, Aloísio Santini Pedro places special emphasis on maintaining a close relationship with clients based on mutual trust, which he believes to be the best way to develop real estate businesses.
He is a member of SECOVI-SP’s Group of New Entrepreneurs.

Practice Areas
Real Estate, Urban Development Law Public Records, Environmental, and Real Estate Litigation.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

TCSA Advogados has as fundamental premise to deliver innovative solutions with the highest quality and within the shortest response time. That provision is the result of the work philosophy for TCSA Advogados, which seeks to bring to the practice of real estate business law the following values.


Knowledge and experience of its professionals in the quest for better alternatives and legal solutions, while constantly increasing our knowledge.


TCSA Advogados strives to adapt to new realities and demands of the market whenever relevant in order to offer diverse legal solutions.


TCSA Advogados practices and defends ethics and honesty in all relationships, whether with clients, partners, or our own team members.


TCSA Advogados affirms that clients’ expectations will be met with competency and professional expertise.


TCSA Advogados commits itself to performing and delivering work products within the top parameters of quality, time, and cost.

TCSA carries with itself the market recognition as one of the reference firms in real estate law and has been listed by Chambers and Partners's and The Legal 500's publications as one of the leading real estate law firms in Brazil.

This recognition is the result of a commitment of TCSA Advogados to generate and deliver to our customers consistent and innovative legal solutions, always guided by the proximity and tailored service.

Therefore, the comprehensive understanding of the real estate business, in its different forms, culture and peculiarities of each client is considered fundamental to the provision of adequate and efficient services.

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